Special class: GLAZE

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“Fine feathers make fine birds...”

Since inception date, this idiom’s meaning still keeps its valuation. In pottery field, Glaze is the best example about feather that is not only the cover, but also is refinement of ceramics. Furthermore, glaze is the main point to identify the different styles of each potters and each countries.

If you have deep passion for pottery, you will never stop learning the pottery technique and glazing knowledge.

In this special class, master Tomizawa will share his 17 years pottery experienced and fulfill  all your curiousity about Glaze.

This class is opened those who want to learn deeply pottery and glaze knowledge. Besides, this is one into eight special lessons of  Basic course, the students can finish 4 levels of basic course and special class will receive certification.

Topic:   GLAZE 

Time:    Sunday, March 26th 2017

            10:00am - 11:30pm

Language: English

Master:      Tomizawa

Class fee:    500.000vnd/ long-term member (*)

                      630.000vnd/ short-term member (**)

(*)(**) http://www.overlandclub.jp/vn/index.php/en/member-card


How to book:

Please send your infomation (full name, membership number, quantity) via our email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Note: This special class will be opened when we collect enough 10 person. Overland Club will inform customer about the class 1 day before the date.


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