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The meaning of the work that we do


Many modern city-dwellers, no matter which country they live in, experience frustration. They are dissatisfied with everything, including their work, their family, the government, and religion. The worst part is, many are also dissatisfied with themselves.

We believe that the thing that is missing is humanity. We believe that many have lost sight of what it means to sustain humanity. We believe that this is why modern city-dwellers seek unnecessary distractions like music, TV, video games, and alcohol. Our belief is that in order to preserve humanity in this society, we need a community of like-minded people with similar goals.

When a community is bound together by a common goal it encourages creative and constructive thinking. "Community" is like returning to one's old hometown.


Pottery and Cooking are creative activities that are "humanistic" in that they are handmade using natural ingredients. These creative activities have been passed down through the ages and are as old as mankind itself, and yet from them new things are constantly being created.


It's true that this creativity has also ironically led to the modern state of useless over-consumption. However, we believe that the one thing we need to value is the simple idea that one should enthusiastically create by oneself.

Rather than things made by others or things developed by industry, it's in the act of making something with one’s own hands that holds the key to human development and an unwavering sense of happiness.


The goal of our work is to create a community in which creativity can flourish.


The Overland Club's is a team working towards a shared goal with common values, and our Password is "For a More Creative Life."

Our greatest goal is to create a community that is needed by modern city-dwellers.


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