How to join

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*This page towards the local residents. The traveler is here.

Step 1: Become our member 

+ Please read first. Check it here

+ Next please fill the form. : Short term Registration form (free) (All participant have to register )

+ We will send you an email confirm your registration and your membership Number also.

+ We will give you a Membership card when you join the class.

+ The membership card can be used by every member in your family.


Step 2:  Check price and condition.


Step 3 : Make reservation


+ Please send us your information at our email: when making reservation as follows:

1) Your membership Number

2) Preferred participation date

3) Class name. 

4) Time ( Pottery class = when it starts and finishes )


Step 4 : Cancelation Policy

+ If you cancel class on joining date, cancellation charges is 50% of tuition fee.

+ In order to avoid cancellation fee, please inform us at least 01 day before ( 4 pm) the scheduled class by telephone and at least 02 days before if inform by email.

+ In case of cancellation of Event class, please contact us 01 week in advance. Cancellation charge is applied in case of 6 days and less prior to a scheduled class:

          6 days before joining date : 20%

          2 days before joining date : 50%

          On joining date ​​: 100%

After receiving your email, we will send you email confirmation at least 1 day later. If there is no reply even after 2nd working day, please send your email again and contact to confirm by telephone.

In addition, we need to reconfirm your class, please contact us 01 day before the attending date (working time until 17:00) 
Tel: 3842-3986


Monday is our Holiday , please make reservation within Tuesday until Sunday PM 16:00


(There are possibility may not be held by the circumstances.)

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