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***This page towards the local residents. The traveler is here.


Overland Club have two kinds of membership :

Short-term Member = if you want to join one day only. (Tourist , Group lesson, ets..) 

Long-term VIP Member. = If you want to join many time (Basic course, Certification class, ets..)


1/ SHORT-TERM MEMBERSHIP    (For one time join )

Registration charge is Free. 

+ Here is Registration Form

+ All-in-one package*price   for Play and Practice Pottery class.

(*) Package included:

- White clay: 600gr for 90mins class and 1kg for 180mins class.

- Baking fee.

- 1 glazing color fee.


Service conditions:

- Product have to be completed on joining day. We don't keeping the product for next time.

- You can recevie your product after 1 months.


2/ LONG-TERM VIP MEMBERSHIP    (For many time join)

Registration charge is 380,000VND ( Please pay at reception of Overland club or Bank transfer )


+ Here is Registration Form  ( If you have Short-term-member number , no need register. )



Long-term-Member Benefits:

- Valid for Lifetime

- Joining Play and Practice pottery class with special price

- Joining Electric wheels class with special price

- Receiving Baking service without joining class at Overland Club

- Unlimited using pottery tools

- We will keep your uncompleted product for next time

Receiving "Gift Voucher" and the annual birthday present from us

Joining our "Get friend, get PPvoucher" promotion

Complete product about 20days later, we keep this products in 3 months

Getting proritive entries in our events, talks, special classes as well as other promotions, incentives from us

Joining us on trips to local pottery villages


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