Electric wheel trial class

Posted in Pottery Class

*This service towards the local residents. The traveler is here.


This class has been newly created this year (2017), so that those who want to have experience using an electric potter's wheel can feel free to try it. And also you can practice for skill up.


The electric potter's wheel is a standard tool for ceramic making that everyone has seen at least once on television or the web. It is also used a lot where ceramic artists work, and it has currently become a way of making pottery loved by many fans of ceramics.


There are quite a lot of people who simply think that it looks fun, when they see a video of pottery taking shape on an electric potter's wheel. While it certainly does feel pleasant just to watch, when you actually try it, the feeling of the clay spinning around in your hands is quite enjoyable. While you're working, your unpleasant, everyday thoughts vanish completely. Of course, you cannot control the clay exactly like you want from the start. To become good at it, you need to practice accordingly.

However, not many people have had this experience. We recommend that at first you try this class casually for fun. Please give it a try just one time.


Trial fee

80,000 VND / 1 hour   Short-term-member

50,000 VND / 1 hour    Long-term-member

*This class is only for Electric wheel experience & practice.  Your product can not be completed in this class.

*Long-term member registration and Join in the Play & Practice class is required if you want to continue your product made complete.

* If you join Play & Practice class, also you can enjoy electric wheel, price including experience fee.


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