Group lesson

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*This service towards the local residents. The traveler is here.


People can participate in creative activities such as making pottery on birthday or event celebration. Holding birthday or group activity at pottery class is a good memory that you can make cups, dishes, and bowls… together. Moreover, pottery class is special place where you can make yourself exclusive product together with your friends, relatives, colleagues on these days. You can also set the class at home, company, or school to participate in large quantities.




(Include: tuition, baking fee, materials and glazing fee)

This price is just applied for group of over 10 pax


(Please check PP class only)


You will make pottery as samples which is given by pottery assistants.


* Being our Overland club’s member (if you are new comer, please register here)

 * Age: over 6 years old (If the kid is under 6 years old, it is necessary to have adults support)

 * Contact us at least 01 week before to arrange the class

* The price at weekend will be higher

* It is required to pay a deposit 50% of tuition fee to keep seat.


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