Pottery certificate course

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We will set up new class for people like you….

·  You want to get new skill and qualifications while continuing your current work same time.

·  You would like to become instructors of ceramics in the future.

·  You want to improve pottery technology and knowledge intensively in as short time as possible?

This course is to learn all the basic pottery techniques and to learn the level to teach as instructor. To be able to join even you are working company every day, scheduling can be arranged according to your own convenience time. It is also possible to finish it quickly due to the difference learning speed of participants.

The term of deadline is one year. All necessary classes that require attendance are 45 lessons / 2 hour each, including final test, Total 90 hours. It is also possible to complete all lessons within six months at the earliest. However, some Techniques may take time to master. You need to practice yourself.

If you apply this course before end of March, we offer big promotion for this new class. You will get 20 free class PP class ticket uses for your practice. And more, you get completely free ceramic invitation ticket 5 pieces for your friends and family to enjoy

After the course is over, we will issue a formal certificate of completion which was approved by the Vocational Training Management Bureau under the jurisdiction of the government.

**Vocational Training Management Bureau Certificate Issuance License Number: 33/2013/GCNDKDN



1)      Basic Pottery course 1+2+3+4 all course study. 

(Please check each page)

2)      Certificate completion class (Special event)  total 4 class study

(Please check Certificate completion class)


* You will get 20piece PP class free lesson voucher.


* You will get 5 free gift vouchers.


 19,800,000VND    (All study contents fee included) 

Attendance period:

+ One year from the date of first participation


+ Each basic course class can be taken flexible schedule depend on you, in one year.

+ About special Event classes, we plan to hold it once a month.  You can join on your convenient date. But this class will be handled as require class that can be arranged, so if we have ten participants we can arrange holding at any time.





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