Play & Practice class (for Beginners)

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*This service towards the local residents. The traveler is here.

Play and Practice Pottery class is Overland club specially offers to whose hobbies in pottery with suitable price. When joining us, there are many samples and molds which you can choose to make your own product. If you want to try and practice Electric Wheel, also you can do it ! price is including at all.


This class is offered for those who want to experience how to make pottery even one day only. You can complete minimum 1 product in each lesson. Beside, friendly and enthusiastic pottery assistants who have experienced training program are willing to help you.


Tuition fee for Play and Practice class  for Short-term-member 

All-in-one package (marterials, baking and glazing fees all included price) 


Tuition fee for Play and Practice class  for Long-term-member

Additional costs: baking and glazing fee

  1. Baking fee: depends on the product’s size (the larger the product is, the higher it costs.
    For example: A cup is estimated:
    10 x 10 x 10 (L x W x H), baking fee cost is about 61,000 VND

    If the diameter and height is biger or smaller, the cost will increase or decrease as the rate of baking:
    For every 1cm baking fee will increase or decrease 7.6%
  2. Glazing fee:If you order Overland to glaze, glazing fee is:
    One color: 30,000 VND
    Two colors : 90,000VND
    Three colors : 180,000VND

* Products will finish completely after 20 days

For kids who want to join this class must be over 8 years old




Pottery Studio Gift Voucher 







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