Special Event & Workshop

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(Certificate completion class)

This class is a compulsory class for students aiming to get a certificate of Pottery. And also as a special event class, general participant anyone can join. We are planning to hold it once a month, but it is also can be organized at any time if there are more than 10 participants. There are four kinds of classes currently available nowadays. There is a possibility that it will increase in the future.


1) Understanding glazes class   (next class is 23/ April 2017)

How was glaze discovered? What is the basic structure of glaze? What kind of process will we make? What is raw material? How to manage it? Learn.

2) Plaster production class    (next class is May  2017)

This is a technique for mass-producing pottery that is used in many pottery factories. In this class, you try to make yourself plaster molds while watching a lecturer's demonstration by instructor.


3) Knowledge of firing pottery class    (next class is Jun 2017)

You will learn the method of firing and the basic knowledge, and the type of pottery kiln, the necessary tools for firing pottery, preparation for baking, firing time and so on.


4) Painting method of ceramics class    (next class is Jul 2017)

You will learn two kinds of basic painting method, and types and characteristics of materials, how to paint and points to keep in mind each process until finished product.




500,000VND / 90 min   Long-term-member

630,000VND/  90 min   Short-term-member

* It will be organized when learners are more than 10 people.

* This class is possible to arrange class, if required.

* All materials and tools used in the lesson are included in the price.

* This class is event class. Please note the cancellation charge.

* It is done simultaneously with English and Vietnamese languages.


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