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You looking for unique products or you are searching for a strange special gift for your friends, relatives, ... so let bring your order to Overland Club asap. Your order will be consulted and carried on by Japanese pottery artists who run Overland Club. Even only 1 product per order, welcome
Please read these below conditions carefully before sending us an order:
Q & A
Please send us an order (attached photo file) via our email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



How can I get a pottery order?

Please email us the pictures within it’s size and quantity or discuss at Overland club Pottery Studio directly.

When can I meet there?

Our working time is 9:00 am ~ 5:00 pm every day, except Monday (weekly holiday)

How big is the maximum size?

The maximum height is 50 cm and 45 cm width ( our kiln capacity is small)

What is about price?

The minimum price is 100.000 vnd a piece, it depends on the size, quantity and design (simple or complicated) . If you want to get a better price please make an appointment to negotiate directly.

Are you able to make me 500 pieces?

Sorry, this is handmade production so we can not finish the order in a short time.

How many is the maximum quantity and how long can I get them?

We can finish about 100 piece a month with the same design and not complicated one. The bigger quantity is, the longer time to finish. If the quantity is so many you are recommended to contact with the factory where there is cheaper price.

I do not want my order be copied ? Can you promise?

Yes we do. There is no problem.

I want the color is similar to the picture which was sent you?

Sorry, we can not promise you the color is same 100 %. There are some colors that we could not find them out / buy in Vietnam.

Can you finish my order before 1 month/ earlier than a month?

Sorry, we are not sure too. But we will try it as soon as possible, it depends on the design and quantity as we mentioned above.

The more urgent request is the more expensive cost/ price.

Can I use this pottery in the oven/ microwave?

Most of the pottery is able to use in the oven except those were covered by silver or gold.

What about if I cook this pot on the fire directly ?

Sorry, it is not safety because this clay is not strong/ hard as the one we’ve known.

What kind of clay/ pottery pot which can be cook on the fire?

It depends on the clay, mostly Vietnamese clay is not strong enough. Some clays are mixed with sand to increase the strength.

I want to have a logo of my company on this ordered item. Is it possible?

We can only make the simple logo or signature. If you prefer the colorful one and perfect painting you should ask the ceramic printing company, this is their profession.

How can I pay ?

The deposit will be required before we start, cash or credit card payment are available.



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